While you may put a lot of care into choosing the decking materials that provide the floor of your deck, deck railings add just as much of an aesthetic touch. In fact, from most vantage points and when viewed from a distance, deck railings are the first thing you see. With that in mind, the railing you choose defines the look and style of your deck.

Railings come in a range of styles that can work with a variety of architectural categories — spanning the gamut from “Victorian,” “Cape Cod” or even “Modern.” Choosing a railing that works with both your deck and the style of your house is important to create a striking look that’s uniquely yours, without one element detracting from the other. For this reason, you’ll want to take your time to find the right railing, balusters, and other components to pull the look together. Take time to explore different designs, get inspired, and then find the perfect materials to create a deck railing that works for the deck of your dreams.

Depending on the view from your deck and from inside your house, you may want a railing you can look through with minimal obstruction, or you may prefer a more solid railing that calls attention to itself. Before you choose, research how expensive the railing will be, how difficult it will be to install and how much work will be required for maintenance in years to come.

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