We begin a porch deck project like any other, with a meeting at your home. This allows us to discuss the details of your new porch deck, and at the same time, we can gather other information about the proposed work site. The representative who meets with you can discuss different designs and materials. Our crews are familiar with the construction of porch decks and are well versed in working with low-maintenance hardwood, composite, or PVC decking.

On the day of construction, our crews will arrive on time and prepare the area, and after the work is complete we remove debris and extra material. Your porch deck will be constructed by highly trained and experienced workmen. We never use inexperienced day laborers, and we train all of our employees to respect the property of our clients, treat it as their own, and leave your property exactly how we found it. The owners of the company make routine visits to every porch deck construction site, ensuring that our standards for quality are met.

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