Dry Rot Repair

Leaking Roof Damage Dry Rot Repair

Water Shedding

The manner in which water-shedding roofs deal with water intrusion relies on the steepness of the slope. Simply put, hydrokinetic roofs prevent water leakage by making sure that the water rolls off the roof as fast as possible. These types of roofs rely on a secondary membrane to prevent water from entering your home or building. Investing in this type of roofing can help you cut back on roofing and home repair services costs.

Other Means of Preventing Water Damage

You can further protect your roof from water damage by taking extra precautionary measures, such as regular roofing maintenance and inspections. Keep in mind that roof pitch, and therefore your roof’s ability to resist water, also depends on the size of your home and the amount of rainfall your area experiences.

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