Dry Rot Repair

Water Damage at the Belly-Band Dry Rot Repair

One of the most common areas of exterior water damage to wood trim occurs when a horizontal piece of wood is nailed to a wood surface. On many two-story buildings in Sacramento, there is a horizontal board that divides the upper and lower story; this is Belly Band removal in Sacramento sometimes referred to as a “belly band”. It does not really serve a structural need; it just helps break up the wall aesthetically.
We find that this board, the belly band, is in need of replacing on a regular basis.
Whenever you connect a wood surface on a wood surface there will be a high potential for rot if not done correctly. Water and debris get behind the trim board and the moisture destroys the wood materials over time. It is bad enough that the trim board gets rotted, but it will also lead to problems with the siding as well. This can be a real problem.
Ideally, you would want to have a metal flashing installed over the top to prevent the water and debris from getting there; this is rarely done. Caulking at the top of the board does work but will require regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. There are some other tricks that your contractor can do to help shed the water away.
This same principle applies to all wood trim nails on the surface of the building. Window and door trim, batt strips, or any other area where water can run behind will be a problem over time. Let Elite Construction contractor check your home for potential problem areas and suggest methods of remedying the situation.

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