Dry Rot Repair

Wood Porch Columns Dry Rot Repair

Wood porch columns are susceptible to rot and decay over time. If not repaired or replaced, a structural deficit porch column may no longer support the porch roof causing extensive damage.

You must, however, understand what is involved and the precautions you need to take before you begin. Replacing a column requires at least two people to maintain a minimum of safety.

We also cannot stress enough the importance of taking safety precautions and not undertaking such a project if you do not possess the necessary skills. Contacting a reputable contractor Elite Construction team is always an option.

We will describe what is involved in replacing a typical wood porch column. The process is basically the same no matter what type of porch column you choose.

Porch columns are rated to support specific weights, on your roof. When selecting a porch column ensure that it can carry the weight of your roof.

It is a good bet that if you are using the identical columns to those already on your porch, your replacement column should be satisfactory.

If, however, you are changing the columns we strongly encourage you to consult with a contractor or architect to ensure the columns you choose to meet structural requirements.

We also recommend columns be installed by a properly licensed and qualified professional. However, if you choose otherwise, be sure the selection of the column and subsequent installation is in accordance with your local building codes and local ordinances.

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