How to Prepare Your Siding for Fall

Get your siding ready for fall by doing the following:

Clean Siding Thoroughly — Spray and gently scrub away any dirt, mildew, and other caked-on debris from your siding. Make sure to check the small crevices for spider webs and nests to avoid critters permanently moving into your space once the colder months settle in.

Inspect Siding and Make Repairs — Take a good look at your sliding. Look for cracks, missing pieces, or damaged areas. Make sure to repair any areas necessary to avoid air leaks (which can lead to increased utility bills) and water damage.

Trim Trees and Plants — Shrubs, trees, and other plants too close to your home can cause serious damage during fall and winter storms. While siding was made to stand up to moisture from snow, ice, and rain, it might not do so well if a tree branch were to break and fall on your house.

Clean Gutters — When gutters and downspouts aren’t clear of debris, water can overflow and run down your siding. Over time, this can cause water damage and other adverse impacts on your home.

How to Prepare Your Gutters for Fall

Here’s what you can do to get your gutter system fall-ready:

Clean Gutters — Before you store your hose for the season, use it to spray out your gutters. Clear away all debris and any clogs to ensure your gutters can whisk away water effectively. Grab a bucket and gloves for extra stubborn areas and clean it out by hand. For more information on unclogging your gutters, check out this post.

Inspect and Repair Gutters — While cleaning your gutters, inspect your system for any signs of damage. Look for sagging or uneven areas, loose brackets or screws, and any other wear and tear. Make repairs as soon as you notice they are needed. Ignoring damaged gutters for too long can lead to more permanent damage.

Install Gutter Guards — In addition to trimming trees, shrubs, and other plants, add gutter guards to your system to help prevent clogs and build up. Not only will guards keep out leaves and other debris, but they’ll also prevent unwanted mice and other creatures from moving in.

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