Pier and Beam Foundation Dry Rot Repairs

The floors of a pier & beam house sit on beams (typically 6 in X 6in). The beams are supported by “piers”. These “piers” are typically either poured concrete piers, Bois d’Arc stumps, or pre-made concrete blocks.

The floor levels can be adjusted by raising the beam off its support and adding or removing steel shims. Sometimes supports (piers) need to be added or changed out if they have failed.


On a pier & beam foundation, it is often necessary to replace wood in the crawl space located under the floor. The wood may be cracked or damaged due to moisture and/or insects.


In a pier & beam foundation, adequate ventilation in the crawl space is required to minimize rotten wood and mold or fungus growth. Vents and/or mechanical ventilation systems can be added to reduce moisture build-up and stabilize humidity levels in the crawl space.

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