Lap Siding and Trim Dry Rot Repair

Water intrusion below windows is common in regions challenge to excessive winds, however even in less unstable regions it handiest takes one nasty storm to cause damage. A second layer of flashing is reasonably-priced coverage.

Extra protection

To prevent wind-driven rain from getting beneath home windows, lap the lowest of the windowsill and the nearest full course of siding beneath with a 6-in. Layer of self-adhered flashing.

Seal first

Observe a liberal bead of solvent-primarily based, all-weather sealant to the apron’s pinnacle area, with a view to keep in touch with the underside of the window’s sill nosing, before nailing the apron to the wall.

Home windows put on an apron

Reduce the 5/4 PVC window aprons with a bevel at the top that matches the slope of the sill and a notch at the returned that fits the perspective of the lap siding. The scale of the notch varies with the format of the guides, so each is custom reduce.

Fair Oaks, CA