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Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

A positive working environment is critical for workplace culture and the employee experience. It influences everything from stress levels and mental well-being to productivity and performance. But creating a positive work environment goes far beyond the color of the office walls. In fact, it goes beyond the workplace entirely.

A positive work environment is a space that promotes employee well-being, productivity, and growth. A few factors go toward this, including having good working practices, relatable values, a supportive atmosphere, and a culture of trust.

In short, a positive working environment is a space that encourages people to perform at their best. And this applies whether they’re working collectively in a physical space or remotely through virtual environments.

Create a Great Onboarding Experience

You’ve heard the expression, ‘first impressions are lasting impressions.’ And it’s true – a good employee experience starts from day one. The Hays What Workers Want survey demonstrated that an unwelcoming office environment deterred 64% of applicants. And unwelcoming staff put off 44% of new starters as early as their first day.

Understanding the needs of your new hire is essential for creating that great first impression. Office-wide introductions and a clear walkthrough of their role, along with tours of the workplace – virtual or physical – can help them feel at home and give them the first taste of your company culture.

There’s a correlation between companies with clearly articulated cultures or organizational values and overall business performance. But many organizations find it’s easier to talk the talk than walk the walk.

Clear and inspirational company values are what shape your business vision and unite your workers. But you need to make sure you put them into practice to give people a real sense that you’re all working toward a common goal.

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