Location: Roseville, CA
Project Type: Lap siding & trim, Roof sheathing, Rafter tail Dry Rot Repair

Description: Damage noted at the lap siding and trim, at the roof sheathing, to the rafter tail caused by uncontrollable exterior moisture sources.

Remove trim as necessary. Remove and replace the damaged portions of siding (to match as close as practical) and install new trim at repaired areas only. Remove the roof covering and gutters if necessary to expose damaged areas. Remove all structurally damaged wood members and replace with new material. If removed, reinstall gutters and roof covering to the exposed areas only. Cut out damaged sections and splice in with new material. Re-support rafter tails by attaching a sister wood member of a like size to the repaired area.

Prime paint on all exterior surfaces included in this estimate in the event that pre-primed wood is not used. Elite Construction and Remodel to color match and paint the repaired areas only as discussed with the client.

Carmichael, CA
Orangevale, CA