Roof Sheathing Dry Rot Damage Repair

Roof sheathing is a critical part of a roofing system. If damaged, it can cause a compromised roof structure, severe damage, leaks, mold, or mildew formation. If you suspect that your roof’s sheathing has been damaged, Elite Construction experts must be contacted to assess the problem.

Sheathing is placed below a roof’s shingles or tiles as a protecting layer and forestalls moisture from permeating via the roof. However, due to the fact most sheathing is made from timber or particle board, it is at risk of rotting and damage while constantly exposed to extra moisture. Functioning sheathing will be capable to properly dry out after being uncovered to wetness, and it might not effortlessly rot. But, if sheathing endures turbulent climate or sustains damage because of lengthy-term publicity to water, it’s going to break down plenty quicker.

One of the maximum common signs and symptoms that a roof’s sheathing is damaged is a roof leak. Such leakage can cause the development of mold and mold within a domestic. In addition, a leaking roof is more vulnerable to crumble in addition to the formation of huge gaps and holes. A sagging ceiling is every other clue that there are foremost troubles with a roof’s sheathing. Waterlogged roofing substances and sheathing will bend and bow, growing dips or creating a ceiling take on a convex look.

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