Stucco is a durable, attractive finish used for the exterior walls of homes and other buildings. As with all exterior wall surfaces, the integrity of stucco must be intact in order to prevent leaks. When cracks occur in the stucco and water leaks in, it can reach the sheathing of the house, which can cause rot. You can patch small cracks and holes in the stucco yourself, but if they’re larger than 1/2 inch wide or are vertical cracks around windows and doors, call in a professional to examine them, as it can be a sign of problems with your home’s foundation.

Elite Construction crew repaired dry rot because of the plumbing leak that was under stucco. Even though you cannot see the leak, but it leaks underneath the stucco. If leak would not be stopped it will create much bigger issue, then just dry rot. It can destroy frame of the house. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are facing the same problem.

Rocklin, CA
Cameron Park, CA