Barge Rafter 1×6/1×8 Dry Rot Damage Repair

Repair rotten fascia forums before the trouble spreads for your rafter ends. Often, rain gutters blockading the fascia forums are the foundation of the problem. Moisture combined with a loss of daylight promotes mildew and mold boom, to deteriorate the wooden. Add to this trouble that the fascia boards rarely receive a sparkling coat of paint, and you have got a recipe for wooden rot.

While your fascia forums show off minor timber rot alongside the center of the boards, you could repair the damaged areas and keep away from replacement. You must remove all lines of rotten wooden to expose the strong areas surrounding the harm.

Fascia boards showing signs and symptoms of extreme rot or harm need to be removed and changed with new fabric. Remove the vintage fascia forums through gently prying them loose from the rafter ends. Reduce difficult-to-reach nails at the back of drip edging using an oscillating tool fitted with a metallic slicing blade to launch the board. After removing the fascia forums, it is a good concept to look at the rafter ends for harm.

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