Subfloor Leakage Dry Rot Repair

Subfloor damage in the bathroom usually comes from a leaking toilet, but it could additionally be the result of a continual sink drain leak or even a drip in the back of the walls. If you may catch the leak in time, the floor may additionally simply need to dry out, however repairs turn out to be important while it is so spongy and volatile that it sags or might not help the bathroom floors. When subfloor maintenance are necessary, it is a great time for a bathroom remodel, inclusive of the setup of a brand new floor protecting and removing dry rot floors, due to the fact at the least a part of the old protecting has to go.

It is very important to wear all protected gear to get underneath the subfloor. Elite Construction team will get the gear that look like the gear you are wearing to fight against the virus. The crew member who will be going under the floor will need to put on special uniform, respiratory mask and goggles. Please let us know if you are dealing with some leaks that has been going underneath your subfloor, so our crew can handle it in timely manner, before it’s too late!!!

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