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OC Siding and Trim Dry Rot Damage Repair

The major cause of wood rotting is moisture from poor drainage and landscaping near the base of the siding. Homes with hardwood siding are exposed to the highest risk.

Rotten wood particularly affects homes that have shrubs and grass close to the siding. Landscaping with gravel or pebbles, rather than wood mulch, between the house and lawn can reduce the risk of the siding taking on moisture. But these techniques can only do so much. Homes built in low-lying areas experience a high degree of siding decay. Elite Construction siding contractors offer solutions to these problems without the need to regrade your soil.

Elite Construction combats wood rot effectively by removing the damaged wood, installing proper flashing, and offering solutions, such as trim boards which are impervious to moisture.

Correcting the problems with rotted wood siding saves you money. The alternative, replacing all the siding and window trim, can be expensive.

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