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Repair Rot Damaged Bottom Wood Siding

You have a professionally improved yard with stunning flower arrangements placed rigorously beside your property, your window trim, porch, and fence all look great! However, there is one downside, your wood siding on the outside of your home is falling apart and rotting! Well, do not worry because once you browse on, you will make out the way to fix rotten wood that has decayed and the way to switch rotten exterior wood siding or repair it. You may suppose that your wood siding ought to be able to face up to any quite wet and injury, right? A bit like any form of wood – there is an opportunity it will rot. If you have got wood siding that has begun to rot.

Find a tiny low part of the wood siding and take away the broken section if it is visible enough to grasp the rot is in an extremely specific place and not throughout.

After you have got removed a part of the wood siding, certify you have got a clapboard that will slot in cleanly along with your existing wood siding, thus it will not look out of place. Use a paintable acrylic caulking around the gap on the facet of the house and look at slipping the deletant facet of the clapboard beneath the board on top of the gap of wherever you chop from. Then rigorously push the board in tightly. Use 8d nails into the wall studs ¾ in. up from the lowest fringe of the replacement board and therefore the bottom fringe of the piece on top of it. do that carefully; you are doing not wish to separate the wood. You can then hide the nails with the acrylic caulking and wipe off any excess with a rag. Once dry, paint it identical color as your existing wood siding with 2 coats – dry nightlong and apply a second coat.

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