Dry Rot Repair

Fascia 2×8 Board Dry Rot Damage Repair

Rot and simple stain are two various things. In some cases, results from the roof or a gutter will simply matter up a facia board.

Actual rot can show up as soft spots or dark cavities within the surface of the board (like the one pictured above). Wood in these places is going to be mushy and nonwoody. To check a region that you are unsure of, please call Elite Construction and we will inspect it.

If you are positive that a region is rotten, you must next determine wherever the water came from.

To hold out a good facia repair, you need to first determine why your facia got wet, and so do your best to stop water from soaking this space in the future.

Chipped or broken shingles may be a standard supply of water reaching the facia. Inspect the ridiculously cheap course of shingles on your house.

Are your perimeter shingles damaged? If thus, have them replaced. Also, contemplate having your artisan add a drip edge to your house—this metal strip sits below shingles and kicks water aloof from the facia boards

Gutters are another common supply of moistness at the roofline. If gutters are not channeling water properly (because they are either full or adorned the incorrect way), they’re going to ofttimes spill water tank towards the house.

Have your gutters cleaned regularly? If your gutters still extra service or spill water in odd places, you may wish to contemplate having a gutter skilled rehang them. Adding additional downspouts to long runs will facilitate this drawback.

Once you have known and stuck the supply of your excess water, you are able to replace your facia boards.

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