Patio Covers

Wood Rot in Patio Covers Dry Rot Repair

Wood rot in patio covers is a type of damage that will likely necessitate significant patio cover repair. Not only will dry rot appear unsightly it can also be a significant structural and thus safety concern. In some cases, this rot can cause such catastrophic structural damage, we literally have to red tag the cover from any access underneath.  In a word, our job is to replace all Wood rot in your patio cover and make it appear good-as-new.

If natural deterioration of your patio cover does not occur, then it’s likely to be infested by insects such as termites. In contrast to dry rot, these little buggers will cause damage to the cover and you’ll never know it. How do they accomplish this? Easy, these termites will burrow into the wood and eat it from the inside out. Without knowing the signs of termite damage, you may never recognize it. Elite Construction performs patio cover repairs for termite damaged wood patio covers.

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