Project Type:

Deck Repair

LOCATION: West Sacramento

Project Overview:

Repairs done:

  • Railing Repair
    • Removed damaged railing and checked for additional damage
    • Constructed a new like-for-like railing with locally available wood on the market
  • 2 x 10 Deck Fascia Repair
    • Removed damaged wood and checked for additional damage
    • Replaced affected wood members with new materials
  • Custom Trim Repair
    • Damage found at the custom size trim at the post base
    • Removed damaged trim
    • Primed the exposed post base and replaced needed area

Painting Repairs

  • Deck painting repairs were done


  • Gutter cleaned from leaves and debris
  • Resealed new gutter sealant
exterior house painting
Entire House Painting
Barge Rafter Repair