Project Type:

Barge Rafter Repair

LOCATION: Carmichael

Project Overview:

Dry Rot Damage was found by the client in the following areas:

  • 2 x 8 Barge Rafter Repair
    • Removed of roof covering and drip edge flashing to exposing damaged areas
    • Once damaged wood was removed, spliced in with new material
    • Reinstalled roof covering and drip edge flashing
  • 2 x 8 Fascia Repair
    • Removed gutter to expose damaged areas
    • Removed of damaged wood areas and spliced in the affected wood with new materials
  • Roof sheathing plywood
    • Removed roof covering and gutters
    • Affected wood was removed and new materials were installed
    • Reinstalled gutters and roof covering

Painting Repairs

  • Only areas repaired were painted upon request


  • Installed of 5″ Fascia Seamless Steel Gutters around perimeter of the house
  • New Downspouts and Elbows installed
  • Stainless steal Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards installed
  • Painted of new gutters and downspouts
Deck Repair
Dry Rot Repair