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Why Properly Flashing Around Your Window Is Important?

When the wood around a window is rotted, it will need to be replaced. Tackling this arduous job, as well as determining the leakage areas that have caused the moisture to penetrate your home, are most readily and effectively accomplished by trained professionals. Elite Construction has been in the business of dry rot repair, rotted wood removal, siding repair, and general carpentry for over a decade. We deal with rotting wood all the time and have the know-how to resolve the problem decisively to create a long-lasting benefit to your home.

Retrofit Insert -vs- Full Frame Replacement
Most people want to save money, and with window frame problems, a retrofit insert is a much quicker and cheaper way to go. But if you’ve got rotting wood in your window frame, it’s not at all effective in the long-term. The most reliable and long-lasting fix is a full-frame replacement with rotting wood because all the wood is updated with 100% sturdy wood, and the flashing can be inserted to seal proof of any previous leaks.

Siding alone is not sufficient to keep the moisture out of a home. Inevitably, even with the highest quality siding, some moisture will find its way inside and to the house wrap. From there, the moisture can trickle down and settle inside wall cavities or openings in the window frame. Eventually, this will lead to mold and rot. Professional flashing around your window addresses this eventuality and is essential to safeguard the entire window frame component.

Rotting Wood Is A Progressive Problem
Rotting wood tends to spread, so it’s important to address wood rot when you first notice it. Dry rot is a kind of wood rot caused by a fungus that thrives on damp wood and may grow on the inside or external surfaces of your window frame. The dry rot fungus is spawned by spores that infest the wood and deteriorate it over time. Dry rot will spread to any available damp wood source and must be removed entirely to halt its growth.

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