Siding & Trim

To Properly Repair the Trim and Window Sills

Homeowners recognize that wood rot could be a fact of life. However, it is often associated uphill battle attempting to stay your home shielded from the weather. Rain and wetness notice some way into your wood trim, doors, and windowsill. Shortly you have got unattractive decay and it should even set in. Stop the unfold in its tracks.

Browse on to search out a way to repair the decayed wood framing. To start, you will wish to envision the condition of your framing. To raise perceive what you are dealing with, the simplest course of action is to envision if the framing may be repaired. Once you live in a dry climate, the condition of your picket framing is often broken past the purpose of no repair. You will need to repair the window and trim. Please call our Elite Construction team to check on your rot and give you the best estimate in town.

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