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What Are Main Causes of Trim Rot Around Windows?

Wood trim on doorways, windows, garages, and entryways will rot and cause cracking of the walls around the trim space because the wood begins to disintegrate. This can cause additional long issues for a house owner because, additionally to repairing the rot, you will notice yourselves repairing the walls around the rot yet. In general, there square measure sometimes 3 causes of trim rot on a home. They are weather, dry air, and bug infestation.

Despite what the cause is, it is judicious to tend to any wood trim rot before long because it is detected to avoid having any enlarged issues from arising. If a window or door casing tends to possess a water pooling downside, over time this may cause the wood to rot. Wood is not protected from the results of water harm. Even as tree trunks will rot in standing water, thus will wood trim on an entree or window if left with constant exposure to a water leak scenario. The good news is that despite what your trim rot cause was, it is often repaired. Our professionals at Elite Construction will facilitate getting your wood trim rot removed.

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